Okay Rogers, Bell & Telus. The Americans have their iPhone 4 in hand and operating. We have iOS 4 installed on our 3G and 3GSes so it’s now your turn to, at the very least, give us a product announcement, a launch date, something! FaceTime me.

Today Steve Jobs was at his best announcing Apple’s newest iPhone, the iPhone 4. There were a lot of rumours as to what the new name would be but they’ve matched the iPhone 4 with their new operating system which runs on iPads & iPod Touches as well: iOS 4. The big thing I was […]

Interesting news out of the Apple Let’s Rock event and that’s that the new iPod Touch will have the Nike+ receiver built into it. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve started running big time this summer, training for the Scotiabank Waterfront Toronto Marathon and I can tell you that running with extra gear […]

On the eve of iPhone 3G day tomorrow, I found this article which explains how to create ring tones for free using iTunes and with the new release of iTunes 7.7 today, it still works! Why pay for a clip of something you’ve already paid for? There’s much better things to spend money on, like […]

Google just announced that they have a new iPhone interface for Google Talk. It’s just using the web browser but it’s a simple way to use Google Talk from your fancy new iPhone 3G. Only two more sleeps!

The iPhone is a really cool device, no longer do you need to carry a bunch of little gadgets in your pocket, with one simple device you can have your media player, a wifi phone (with the right software) and an assortment of other useful tools. Rogers has (finally!) unleashed their plan pricing for the […]

Today is the big day and with live coverage the bomb’s been dropped. The new iPhone 3G will sport 3G high speed data, wifi, GPS and a slick new case. The 8GB will be sold for a maximum of $199 so that everyone can afford it and will be available for sale in 22 countries […]

I just read that Orange is bringing the iPhone to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Africa!? The Middle East!? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. That’s just how we roll in Canada. Technology moves slower than in a third world country. That is of course, unless you want to buy it and pay […]