Today Steve Jobs was at his best announcing Apple’s newest iPhone, the iPhone 4. There were a lot of rumours as to what the new name would be but they’ve matched the iPhone 4 with their new operating system which runs on iPads & iPod Touches as well: iOS 4.

The big thing I was waiting for was the last announcement on the keynote. Video chat with a front facing camera? When I re-read that last line I thought to myself: why? For me the video’s not a big deal, but with the video will come more chat applications and Apple’s new FaceTime platform will run on open standards. That spells awesome interoperability options down the road, perhaps I’ll finally be able to natively call my cell phone over WiFi using SIP without using an App that can only run in the foreground and eats through the non-swappable battery.

Also now that we’ll have apps that can run in the background I’d love to see a Google Latitude-type application that can follow me around while I’m walking, riding, or running. Mix your GPS data with your photos and you’ve got awesome geotagging of your adventures around the globe, hopefully without ripping through batteries as well.

They boast the power sipping design of their A4 chip and their 300 hours of standby time is quite impressive considering I only get a day and half or so out of my iPhone 3G now that I’ve disabled all mail checking.

Apple seems to take their time getting things done because they like to release things right the first time. I respect that as I myself seem to work like that, but at the same time in our information age we want everything we want and we want it now. This product is no exception, give it here now.

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