True statement to how many people watch How I Met Your Mother… one quick mention of a web site in the show and is “over capacity”. Legendary! AND! The Doogie Houser outro!!! Awesome! How I Met Your Mother is phenomenal!

Apparently having iTunes installed with the Apple updater enabled makes it perfectly legal for Apple to try to dupe me into installing their browser which I have no interest in whatsoever. Even when I used a Mac, I still used Firefox due to its superiority. Bad Apple… bad!

Yesterday I turned on my Xbox360 and Rock Band prompted me for an update. So I said, sure whatever but it wasn’t a bug fix or anything, they’ve added the music store to the main menu. You can now easily navigate through all of the songs available for purchase and with that comes the much-needed […]

I was just reading a Reuters article which said that Mozilla is now telling everyone that Firefox 3 is ready for the big time with the release date to follow in June sometime. I have been using Firefox 3 since it’s alpha stages and haven’t looked back. The biggest and coolest new tool in my […]