Over the last couple of days Firefox has been spouting off Unresponsive Script Warnings on my Gmail tab with Hangouts enabled. This is universal over all of my computers and many of my coworkers computers. I use Gmail proper, they’re using Google Apps, same symptom. It’s happening in different locations on different providers, so it’s […]

Fedora 9 came out last week and one of the only things I didn’t like about Fedora 8 is that it was a bitch to install Firefox 3 beta in a happy state. Now that Fedora 9 (it’s hard to say that without including the word Core) is out, it has Firefox 3 beta 5 […]

I was just reading a Reuters article which said that Mozilla is now telling everyone that Firefox 3 is ready for the big time with the release date to follow in June sometime. I have been using Firefox 3 since it’s alpha stages and haven’t looked back. The biggest and coolest new tool in my […]

Just fiddling with my Fedora 7 laptop, a Dell 6400 and the touchpad horizontal scrolling navigating forwards and backwards in Firefox. A quick Google search, which I should have done way back in the day, found me this lovely wiki entry which gives you the quick Firefox settings to change and make the accidental flipping […]