Clearing history is easy, right? You just run history -c right? Well, sure but then when you log out your history will show you exiting. When creating virtual machine templates I like to leave the history blank because it’s clean and I don’t get in the way of anyone or leave accidental secrets in there. […]

Electronic mail is complicated. It’s taken for granted by every end user in the world that “it’s so simple” and should be free, but they don’t want spam and they don’t want you to sell their data… but I digress. Laravel’s mail API allows you to build an email using the blade templates you’re already […]

After running a name server for a while, you’re going to get a knock at the door one day from the Internet Police because your DNS server is spewing up crap all over the interwebs. So, to block those lookups from even hitting your bind name server, you can throw iptables in the mix and […]

Had a lovely error occur on my main mySQL server and basically the problem was too many connections. Now, this could just mean I’m having all kinds of traffic, but the more likely culprit is that the connections aren’t be freed up when they were done. So I looked into the system and found my […]

I always forget how to do this and I need it more often than I’d like… To allow users to be able to RDP to a Windows Server… Issue: You receive the error message “To log on to this remote computer, you must be granted the Allow log on through Terminal Services right. By default, […]

Old news, certainly, but I wasn’t able to get upstart to start iaxmodem and Hylafax’ faxgetty properly so after much trial and error, here’s how to make it work… /etc/sysconfig/init add the following line: ACTIVE_IAXFAX=”ttyIAX0 ttyIAX1 ttyIAX2 ttyIAX3 ttyIAX4 ttyIAX5 ttyIAX6 ttyIAX7 ttyIAX8 ttyIAX9″ I had tried to create this as a range (ttyIAX[0-9]) but […]

Virtualization has changed the way we use computers and servers. Now when I’m shopping for new hardware I always make the conscious decision to select an extra couple of cores or 4GB of RAM so that the computer I’m building can support running some extra virtual machines. I spent most of my time using VMWare’s […]

So after close to 24 hours of screaming at Exchange for being a dirty tit, I’ve got the solution to the problem on a customers’ server. The Problem When opening Exchange Management Console (EMC) you get an error that reads: “Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message: The WinRM client cannot process […]

Disclaimer: This is essentially an update, so read this original post first if you haven’t and once again, I’m not responsible if you cock up your machine, it comes with the territory. You’ll need to learn how to de-cock your machine sooner or later. I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t update ever again, […]

I can’t count the amount of times Google’s answered my questions by mining old forum posts and solved my problem. Today yet another one… One of my scripts needs to take ownership of a file to get access to it so I have the apache user set up in /etc/sudoers to be able to use […]