OS X 10.9 Mavericks came out this week, for free. Big draw for me was better support for multiple monitors, which has so far solved a lockup issue when screens are added/removed that I was having. So far this week I’ve been contacted by a PowerCAD user who tells me that his software doesn’t work […]

Disclaimer: if you’ve stumbled across this article don’t attempt these steps without reading through the whole post and know that if you do screw something up your system may not boot again properly until you put your drive into another Mac or Hackintosh and undo your changes. When I first purchased my ultimate Hackintosh machine, […]

I needed to configure some devices on the go and as long as you have a Mac handy you can do it without any additional software. I found details on another site but the /sbin/service they used didn’t seem to exist on my machine but after a little more Googling I found this is the […]

I noticed using Terminal to connect via SSH to an IPv6 server and opening a file with nano, character repeats and skipping of the display when pressing and holding backspace or when typing rapidly. This is only new since I installed OS X 10.7 Lion. I seem to have solved the issue by going into […]

The site in which I found this has since disappeared, so for my own sanity, this rsync command line is a nice way to backup your currently booted Mac… # rsync -xrlptgoEv –progress –delete / /Volumes/NewDrive/ I’m going to blame Google Instant for the fact that I can’t find the original page it came from […]

When I leave my computer at the end of the day I lock it by switching to the Login Window and when I came back the following day, most of the time the right click on my Magic Mouse wouldn’t work anymore. Only by rebooting could I bring that right click back on board. Now […]

While playing with my Hackintosh today, I fixed one of the things that aggravates me fairly often. I’m not sure why they decided it’s a feature, but OSX has the option of skipping over select boxes and submit buttons when you press the tab key in your browser. I was looking for a Firefox fix […]