The iPhone is a really cool device, no longer do you need to carry a bunch of little gadgets in your pocket, with one simple device you can have your media player, a wifi phone (with the right software) and an assortment of other useful tools. Rogers has (finally!) unleashed their plan pricing for the iPhone 3G and they’re horrible compared to our neighbours south of the border and around the world. So much so that people have actually formed an online petition telling Ted Rogers where to stick it.

I thought my only problem was going to be finding someone to take over my Blackberry plan, now it seems that’s just not an issue because Rogers doesn’t want the business of over 20,000 people who have an interest in getting an iPhone but know better than to just drop their pants for a three year deal which doesn’t give them any options.

If you agree, use the link below to have your vote counted. Rogers has not played fair with this opportunity and if they don’t right their wrong, I’m sure their iPhone sales will suffer. This was supposed to be the device to make everyone have apple in their pocket all day, every day but if the carrier doesn’t play nice like apple does, it’s just not going to happen.

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