Okay Rogers, Bell & Telus. The Americans have their iPhone 4 in hand and operating. We have iOS 4 installed on our 3G and 3GSes so it’s now your turn to, at the very least, give us a product announcement, a launch date, something! FaceTime me.

Today Steve Jobs was at his best announcing Apple’s newest iPhone, the iPhone 4. There were a lot of rumours as to what the new name would be but they’ve matched the iPhone 4 with their new operating system which runs on iPads & iPod Touches as well: iOS 4. The big thing I was […]

I’ve been tinkering with this new site Empire Avenue which looks like it’s going to be the next big thing in the web 2.0 world. Highly addictive online world of buying and selling shares in people and companies/web sites. It’s ridiculously entertaining if you enjoy buying and selling your friends and family and their startups. […]