Security is of utmost concern, and the ever-changing, ever-evolving security world demands you keep up with securing your systems. Fortunately, browsers like Firefox and Chrome have made it their practice to disable weak encryption but if you’re running some older systems you’ll need to update them so visitors can still access your site. The latest […]

There’s a new BIND vulnerability in the wild that users can use to remote execute denial of service attacks. For most distributions it’s just a matter of an apt-get update or a yum update but according to this post I found on The Register’s comments from an anonymous user, there’s an extra step required with […]

Shellshock is a bash exploit which allows a malicious user to put extra information into an environment variable and have bash execute it. Fixes are out for RHEL/CentOS and Ubuntu, update your systems immediately… Test using: $ env var='() { ignore this;}; echo vulnerable’ bash -c /bin/true CentOS/RHEL/Fedora Fix: $ sudo yum update bash -y […]