My old man just sent me a link to YouOS, it’s a web-based operating system written in javascript. It’s pretty fun to play with but I think they need more operating-system type applications before I could call it useful. I think the beauty of real operating systems is that there are many multitudes of developers […]

From the looks of this Google Blog entry it looks as though Google is writing their very own Wikipedia which they can index and put up as the first match for any topic, something that Wikipedia ends up doing most of the time right now. I would say that Google’s Knol is simply re-inventing the […]

I’ve been looking for a single sign-on solution for a while but I’ve yet to find one that’s easy to use. Blogger has just started using OpenIDs as sign ons for their comments which is pretty cool so I did some looking into it. I think it would take a big buy-in from someone like […]

Just read on Engadget this morning that Toshiba has announced their new 128gb SATA interface solid state drives. With no moving parts these drives offer no noise, less/no failures and consume far less power. Considering my hard drive right now is only 100gb, the capacity of these devices is finally getting into the useful stage […]

Gmail’s added coloured labels to the new Gmail interface. Very exciting stuff! Something so simple as adding a little colour just adds something happy to Gmail. I do love the colours of calendars and my mind has totally adapted to using them. And just released today, Gmail chat can talk to AIM. If only they […]