Google just announced that they have a new iPhone interface for Google Talk. It’s just using the web browser but it’s a simple way to use Google Talk from your fancy new iPhone 3G. Only two more sleeps!

So Google has come out with Google Talk, Labs Edition which is basically just the Google Talk gadget from your iGoogle page or your “start” page but in program form. It has a couple cool new features like the pretty notifications and the snoozability of your Google Calendar notifications. One thing I am noticing though, […]

Google’s at it again. They’ve added invisible mode to the Google Chat interface of Gmail, so when you want to go stealth you can. I’ve tested it a little bit not sure if you come online if it keeps you invisible for the entire process or not. According to the announcement blog entry this feature […]

I use Google Talk exclusively to talk to friends, family and coworkers. It’s a great messenger with no crap built into it. I use it on my Blackberry and I can use other applications on other platforms (like Pidgin on *nix or iChat on OSX) but I’m tired of waiting for Google’s promises. When they […]