For whatever reason, someone thought it would be a grand idea to have 250 web sites in one subversion repository, that repository, now converted to git, is now 2.5GB and bloated as can be. Some of the data in there can just sit there and rot, but some of it is still quite useful, so […]

After nearly two years of tinkering with git, it’s time to pull the plug on my subversion setup. It’s taking too long to push changes because the repos are getting unwieldy. Git works great with the same amount of data, and much quicker to push changes to and from repositories. # mkdir staging # cd […]

Apple decided to decrease some bloat in OSX and have removed some useful tools, maybe because most of the world doesn’t do development on their macs? I find that hard to believe. To install Apple’s SVN or Git you can either install Xcode and find the installer there or you can create a free developer […]

This guide is easily the best source for creating a git repository from a local folder. Unfortunately it was down today when I needed it so I’ve placed the important stuff below in case it happens again and I want it. (and don’t want to use Google’s cache) I also want to be sure I […]