I use Google Talk exclusively to talk to friends, family and coworkers. It’s a great messenger with no crap built into it. I use it on my Blackberry and I can use other applications on other platforms (like Pidgin on *nix or iChat on OSX) but I’m tired of waiting for Google’s promises. When they […]

A customer of mine was having an extremely rare problem with Garmin MapSource. For some reason, he could install the legacy version 6.11.5 and the version he already had which was 6.12.2 but couldn’t install any version later than that. The installer would open up and make a big fuss, prompt you for the location […]

It’s always simpler than it seems isn’t it? I found the visualizations which it said it was compiling were actually being successfully compiled. It appears that they’ve added settings for the visualizations so that you can select which ones you want to appear as options. This is like the fifth time that added settings have […]

I’ve been using Google products for a while now, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Apps, they run my world, but Google Desktop, I just never liked. So I was working on someone’s computer remotely today and they happened to have Google Desktop installed so I started to play around with it and I must say, the […]

Not everyone gets my jokes but I find them damn hilarious. Last night at a party some guy was giving me his email address and it started with six digits and I was like; “What is this a Compuserve address?” expecting roars of unabashed laughter. Everyone was smiling politely while looking at me as if […]

Ever since I compiled MythTV from SVN, I haven’t had visualizations. I’m pretty sure I have all of the dependencies correct, but for some reason nothing happens. Each time I try to delve into it though, something more important comes up. I’d really like to have it working before Christmas though because I want to […]

It’s become clear that my rantings need different locations. They need to exist as different streams of thought with different places to view them. The glaze on normal peoples’ eyes when myself and friends start talking shop is thick enough to make people think they have cataracts. So it’s with that that I’ve just bitten […]