Since I purchased Google paid storage (200GB for $50/year), I migrated all of my mail out of my Google Apps account and back into my original Gmail account. I started to do this by copying and pasting folder using IMAP access via Thunderbird with the accounts opened. That worked pretty well except for the fact […]

Looks like the wait might be close to over for the Gmail themes to come to Google Apps users as today when everyone opened up their Apps Gmail we all had the default theme in place. Still no link to change it (or for the new Offline Gmail for that matter) but soon grasshopper, soon.

Woo! Now we’re getting somewhere. Once of the most useful integration projects I wanted to create is now possible with the latest update to the Google Contacts API. Now that they’ve added groups to the API, I can synchronize the contact lists in my database with the groups in users’ contacts so that they can […]

Gmail’s added coloured labels to the new Gmail interface. Very exciting stuff! Something so simple as adding a little colour just adds something happy to Gmail. I do love the colours of calendars and my mind has totally adapted to using them. And just released today, Gmail chat can talk to AIM. If only they […]