The iPhone is a really cool device, no longer do you need to carry a bunch of little gadgets in your pocket, with one simple device you can have your media player, a wifi phone (with the right software) and an assortment of other useful tools. Rogers has (finally!) unleashed their plan pricing for the […]

Today is the big day and with live coverage the bomb’s been dropped. The new iPhone 3G will sport 3G high speed data, wifi, GPS and a slick new case. The 8GB will be sold for a maximum of $199 so that everyone can afford it and will be available for sale in 22 countries […]

I had to get my Xbox 360 sent in to be replaced. After some time of random freezing and getting random System Error e 79 and e 71 (indicated with a single flashing red light), I called Microsoft and after walking through the same stupid troubleshooting on the web site they finally gave me a […]