Virtualization has changed the way we use computers and servers. Now when I’m shopping for new hardware I always make the conscious decision to select an extra couple of cores or 4GB of RAM so that the computer I’m building can support running some extra virtual machines. I spent most of my time using VMWare’s […]

This guide is easily the best source for creating a git repository from a local folder. Unfortunately it was down today when I needed it so I’ve placed the important stuff below in case it happens again and I want it. (and don’t want to use Google’s cache) I also want to be sure I […]

So after close to 24 hours of screaming at Exchange for being a dirty tit, I’ve got the solution to the problem on a customers’ server. The Problem When opening Exchange Management Console (EMC) you get an error that reads: “Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message: The WinRM client cannot process […]