If you’ve got a Google Apps account you’ve received notice about Google Sites, the latest addition to their Apps suite. This new addition allows anyone who can create a document to put it up online for everyone to see. One thing I’m getting a lot of resistance on at the office is the internal wiki […]

I just caught Blogspot with it’s pance down. Looks like it was upgrade time at the okay coral, then a few minutes later I got this infamous screen (for those of us who used Gmail in it’s infancy)… When you’re as big a giant as Google or say RIM, there’s really no good time for […]

Google’s at it again. They’ve added invisible mode to the Google Chat interface of Gmail, so when you want to go stealth you can. I’ve tested it a little bit not sure if you come online if it keeps you invisible for the entire process or not. According to the announcement blog entry this feature […]

Just fiddling with my Fedora 7 laptop, a Dell 6400 and the touchpad horizontal scrolling navigating forwards and backwards in Firefox. A quick Google search, which I should have done way back in the day, found me this lovely wiki entry which gives you the quick Firefox settings to change and make the accidental flipping […]