I use Google Talk exclusively to talk to friends, family and coworkers. It’s a great messenger with no crap built into it. I use it on my Blackberry and I can use other applications on other platforms (like Pidgin on *nix or iChat on OSX) but I’m tired of waiting for Google’s promises. When they came out with Google Talk they said that they would be adding SIP support in the future and have a Google Talk client for Linux and OSX. But it’s been well over a year and so far we’ve seen nothing. I wouldn’t care, but SIP support would be fantastic, then I can just add an extension on my asterisk box and pair my headset with my laptop and I’d always have a cheap phone while I was anywhere (which I can do with libjingle, but dialing is pain in the ass right now and I want it to work with minimal configuration). Also, none of the other Jabber clients can touch the functionality of Google Talk because it integrates with Google Desktop, your Gmail notification and a whole lot more. Just another reason I can’t completely abandon Windows as my operating system.

edit: Funny I should mention this today as they’ve updated Gmail Chat in the new version of Gmail (which I don’t have on my Google Apps account yet). And Cybernetnews feels my pain on this topic too as well as Voyagerfan5761. So it’s not just one Weezey Geek ranting alone, there are many of us who unite on this topic. We need a support group.

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