• Just fiddling with my Fedora 7 laptop, a Dell 6400 and the touchpad horizontal scrolling navigating forwards and backwards in Firefox. A quick Google search, which I should have done way back in the day, found me this lovely wiki entry which gives you the quick Firefox settings to change and make the accidental flipping of pages a thing of the past.
  • I tried to get my Rogers Blackberry 8800 unlocked online at a fucking useless web site called UniquePhones. They seem to be able to unlock a whole lot of stuff automatically, but certain phones just don’t do the automatic thing but they don’t tell you that!. So yeah, now I have to fight a $50 PayPal charge on my credit card, which PayPal won’t own up to because an unlock code is not a physical item, so I have to wait 30 days to fight with Visa. Since I need my unlock code next week, I had to go to an independent guy in the neighbourhood and he charges $70 because he’s a middle man, hopefully he comes through in time.
  • After two weeks of having my address changed to a Florida address from my Canadian home address on my Canadian TD GM Visa, my online AT&T Wireless order finally went through (15th time’s a charm) and I’ve ordered my financee and I each a $30 refurbished Samsung A437 (fancy little biatch with camera, micro SD slot, $200 new) so that while I’m in Florida next week I can use either my new phone or my blackberry with my AT&T SIM card and save a whole lotta roaming charges. Each other time I tried to put through the transaction it wouldn’t work, it just returned a problem with the card. Not sure if it was the time delay for the databases or the fact that after a week of trying I trying I changed the city to the one that resolved from the AT&T web site.
  • Firefox 3 Beta 3 Released – new look, faster load times, even more sexy than I already thought Firefox 3 was going to be. You really should try it out because it’s awesome and the address bar is more than useful now. Like when I want to look up the weather, instead of starting with www.theweath to get to my history, I just type in West Palm and press the down arrow because that page had that in the title and I went there previously. You won’t look back, I swears it.

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