I was just reading a Reuters article which said that Mozilla is now telling everyone that Firefox 3 is ready for the big time with the release date to follow in June sometime.

I have been using Firefox 3 since it’s alpha stages and haven’t looked back. The biggest and coolest new tool in my mind is the address bar. Now when you want to browse to anything you’ve already been to you just type it into the address bar. So now when I want to lookup the Guelph weather, I no longer type in: www.thewea and then start scrolling down; I just type in guelph and there is every recent page that I’ve been to with guelph in the URL or title. Very awesome and once you’re used to it, it’s a time saver too. In Firefox 2, I started getting used to typing search terms into the address bar so for me it was a very easy transition, now there’s just more accurate and relevant results at my fingertips.

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