A friend of mine is looking to buy the same Nikon D90 I have, kit lens (18-105mm) and all. She has expressed interest in buying my gear as I’d love to upgrade.

My dilemma is that I would love to upgrade my camera to the new D300s. It’s the next in the line of the Nikon cameras and has some damn awesome new features. Like the ability to write raw and jpeg images to a compact flash and SD card at the same time. Using that, I could use the Eye-Fi card I’m getting from Google because I upgraded my storage to 200GB for $50, to write my jpegs to that SD card and still write raw images to the CF card. Quality and awesomeness in one.

The other reason it’s a dilemma is that I’ll have to get a new lens if I sell the 18-105mm but I’ve been eye-ing a 50mm or 35mm prime for a while (drooling over the low f-stop) so it’s not a simple purchase of the D300S body (which doesn’t sell as a kit).

The final edge of my dilemma is that the actual upgrade I wanted to take on this season was a top of the line Nikon SB-900 Speedlight. It re-cycles fast, it only needs AA 4 batteries and with a Fong Diffuser produces bright, soft, shadowless light.

I guess I have to keep mulling it over.

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