OS X 10.9 Mavericks came out this week, for free. Big draw for me was better support for multiple monitors, which has so far solved a lockup issue when screens are added/removed that I was having.

So far this week I’ve been contacted by a PowerCAD user who tells me that his software doesn’t work and my upgrades went well (even went for a new solid state drive in my late 2010 MacBook Pro which has noticeably increase battery life) except CoRD, the best Windows Remote Desktop software out there, doesn’t connect to any of my machines. I tried the Microsoft one and it’s much better than years previous but still not great.

Looks like X11 is back, instead of having to install a 3rd party library to do fun stuff like “SSH -Y user@remotehost.local” to get into an X app on a remote system.

How was your upgrade? Impressed? Anything you like/dislike?

John - 2013-11-14 13:07:37
Mavericks is great, mainly for the full 2nd monitor support you outlined and the fact that Safari can Nap and no longer be a Resource Hog! I really like it. But a couple of bugs: Copy/Paste an Excel spreadsheet in HTML format from a Windows Remote Desktop session fails. Also, VPN via Chrome and Safari no longer works (but thank you Firefox!). All this worked fine in Mountain Lion.

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