One of the problems with upgrading an OS is that developers are really busy. So even though they’ve had access to OS X Mavericks since this summer, when the general release hit the inter tubes last week lots of new problems come out of the woodwork.

I’ve heard from one customer who uses PowerCAD and it’s not working correctly at all. He asked me about downgrading but that’s pretty impossible unless you prepared for it, you basically have to have backed up before you upgraded and then you can do a clean install of Mountain Lion and restore your files and settings from the backup.

For myself, my favourite remote desktop application, CoRD isn’t working in OS X Mavericks. I’m not sure why though as it looks as though it’s a simple socket connection which isn’t connecting. I’m wondering if Apple deprecated some methods or something in their new API. Until the CoRD developer resolves the problem, I still need to be able to remote to my various Windows systems. Fortunately Microsoft timed the new release of their Remote Desktop app with the release of Mavericks. I really don’t like this interface compared to CoRD but it will have to do for now.

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