I’ve been working on the iPad for a week or so now and there’s one thing that’s become abundantly clear, there’s an App for that but it costs five times as much as it does for the iPhone. The Apps on the iPad are not much more complex than their iPhone counterparts but for some reason the developers have all learned from each other and have all decided that instead of the go-to price of 99 cents they’re all going to charge $4.99 for the exact same app on a bigger screen. I for one think it’s ridiculous.

I agree that programmers require compensation for their work, but when your amount of work is nearly identical (if not halved by being able to use the bulk of the same code) on a big screen as it is on a little one, I don’t see how you can justify the price difference.

Personally, I have no intention of buying an app unless I know it’s going to suit my needs and work the way I want it to. The only way that is going to happen is if you give me a “lite” version of your apps to try before I buy or you give me the whole thing for free.

Hopefully the iPad situation only exists because developers were waiting for the iAd platform and we’ll start to see some more free apps that are ad supported in the near future.

I think Apple missed the boat, they should have app rental. Try the app for free for a week and then if you want it, buy it.

Things I need: something to read Google Reader, as their web app sucks monkey nuts on the iPad. Reeder looks cool, but I’m not paying for it until I know it does what I want it to or you tell me it syncs my read list so I don’t need to do things in more than one place.

Also, all of you people who are still serving up videos with Flash, get with the times, use HTML5’s video tag and fall back to Flash for those pleebs that don’t support the new era (aka: Microsoft Exploders).

Christopher Pollock - 2011-08-22 01:44:23
Reeder is great. IMO you should be happy that the phone app is 99c rather than complaining that the iPad app is $4.99 - this is bargain basement software. It's the same argument as 'the ipad is a big iphone'; the increase in usability is the justification. You may as well say "well Cisco routers are all capable of running enterprise IOS, why is it $15,000 extra?".

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