So I’m working on a new site and it calls for a lot of awesome transparent PNG images. They look spectacular and perfect but I started doing that age-old cross-browser test and they don’t work in anything less than MSIE 7 for those Internet Explorer users which make up 80% of the site’s visitors and and 30% of those users have IE 6. So what are my options here? I could keep the site as it is and make the users upgrade (after all, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and the latest IE all work just fine) or I could make a bastardized version of the site which swaps GIFs for the PNGs.

I guess it’s all up to the time it takes to get it done. I think for now, I’ll plan to make a pop-up telling the user that even my puny iPhone’s browser can handle these pages, so you should upgrade your shit. Maybe even a stream-lined update process is better than sacrificing the designer’s vision.

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