So I have this lovely new TV now and I have DVI output to HDMI input from my MythTV box. The menus are crisp, the AVIs and DVDs look great, but I’m looking to the future. The standard definition TV recorded on the encoder is outputting in a square in the centre of the screen. So I’ve been browsing passively for solutions all weekend. I found the pcHDTV cards and they’re widely supported, but I don’t think Rogers or Bell ExpressVu outputs to something they’ll recieve and then I talked to the trusty folk in #mythtv-users on freenode and they told me that our friends at Hauppauge (pronounced hop-pog) have a new product on the way which will solve our problems. Their new card with have component input which will record up to 1080p to H.264 streams at up to 25mb/s. So, now I just have to play the waiting game and then I can use any HD provider I choose to bring HD into my MythTV mix. I’ll probably use that opportunity to upgrade the whole setup to the new SVN version which uses the new QT4 paint engine. There’s a picture of what the box started out looking like on the SnapStream Blog.

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